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Why GLONAS GPS transport monitoring system is developing worldwide? Certainly it improves the operating efficiency of all types of transport and special equipment. It is evidenced from statistics.
Whether this system provides the full information about vehicles? No.

Mechatronics gives you useful information about the fuel through the use of electronic devices . We produce that you need the latest electronic and precision mechanical products for transport telematics systems – this is our specialty .

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Fuel level control

Precise knowledge of the amount of fuel in the tank to optimize the time and place fillings, as well as to prevent possible …

Fuel flow control

repair_engine_350x200As is known, a faulty engine consumes more fuel. Knowledge of spent fuel is achieved by using high-precision flow sensors that allow the fuel flowing through them…

Load control

load_control_350x200 Escalating fines for traffic on roads with restricted axle load requires drivers to monitor the proper distribution of the load on the loading platform. This avoids unexpected penalties. Information on the actual weight of goods is important to monitor fuel consumption.
We offer two solutions for controlling axle load – the first for vehicles with air suspension, the second for trucks with leaf spring suspension …