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Mechatronics provides telematic solutions with focus at remote fuel consumption monitoring and axle load monitoring.

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Fuel level control

Precise knowing of the fuel amount in the tank helps to optimize the time and place of fillings, as well as to prevent possible …

Fuel flow control

 Sometimes you can effectively measure real fuel consumption of engine only with Eurosens fuel flow meter. It provides precise data in any conditions and excludes fuel theft. Also driver can save fuel based on instant fuel consumption data …

Load control

onboard axle load monitoring The movement of heavy vehicles on roads with axle load limits requires that drivers pay special attention to the distribution of gravity on the cargo platform. Otherwise, penalties can not be avoided. And in addition, information on the actual weight of the cargo is important for controlling fuel consumption. We offer two solutions to control the axle load – the first for vehicles with air suspension, the second for machines with spring suspension .. . ..

Cold chain monitoring

 When it comes to logistics, the cold chain is very important. Cold chain products such as fresh foods, vaccines, and the like are temperature-sensitive, so they require constant temperature starting from the time they are produced until they’re used. We offer wireless solutions…

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