If you only need to control the axle load – you can do only with sensors!
Sensors are connected to the monitoring terminal via an analog input, if it is necessary, you can also connect Eurosens Display F1 or Eurosens Display RS to display the load. The system is calibrated using a platform scale. The calibration is recorded in the driver display and in the monitoring software. However, there are limitations:
1. While the sensors used have an analog output – their number is limited by the number of inputs available on the GPS terminal. If a tractor with a trailer has 5 axles – we need 5 analog inputs of the terminal.
2. If the tractor changes trailers, then each calibration change becomes incorrect when the trailer is changed. It needs to be changed both in the driver’s display and in the monitoring program.
3. The load weight is not determined.
Therefore, we use the Eurosens Difference-T modules for translating the sensor signals into digital form, after which they can be connected to the required number. Eurosens Difference-T modules also store axial load calibrations and geometrical parameters of the tractor and trailer (if available). Therefore, when changing trailers, the system continues to display the correct axle loads.

Also translated into “digital” allows you to apply the Eurosens Datalink wireless bridge between the tractor and the trailer. The driver does not have to connect an extra plug each time when changing the trailer.
To calculate the weight of the load, the entire weighing system is required, including the Eurosens Difference-T controllers and the Eurosens Display RS, which determines the weight of the load based on the data from the controllers.