Eurosens InPulse

It is used to calculate engine fuel consumption based on the measurement of fuel injector control signals. Utilizes non-contact reading of the nozzle wire without damaging the insulation.


Supply voltage, V 9…32
Max current consumption, mA 50
Compatibility GPS trackers and dataloggers with pulse counter input
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85


Monitoring the actual fuel consumption of cars is one of the most challenging tasks of mobile vehicle telematics. Installation of high accuracy fuel level sensors in the tank is very difficult or impossible due to the size of the sensor and the location of the fuel tank. CAN bus fuel consumption data is not always available. In these cases, the fuel consumption can be obtained using the InPulse contactless reader.

How does it work ?

The device reads the frequency and duration of the nozzle opening of one of the cylinders in a non-contact manner. The value proportional to the fuel consumption is determined, and is converted into output pulses that can be counted by the GPS tracker. To convert the number of pulses to liters you need to know the calibration factor. It is determined once after installing InPulse by comparing it to the actual fuel consumption, which is determined in any convenient way, for example by refueling to a full tank.


Eurosens InCAN Flyer
Eurosens InCAN specification