Radio extender of the RS485 line
Consists from pair of devices and forms two-way radio communication link between 2 RS485 networks. Can be used instead of cable in the RS485 network. Typical application is transmission data from trailer sensor to the GPS tracker installed on the truck. In that case one transmitter is connected to the GPS tracker by RS485 line. Second transmitter is connected to the RS485 line of the trailer sensors. Both transmitters must be powered from local voltage sources.

Note that radio link adds some delay in messaging. If GPS tracker makes requests to RS485 line and expects answer, the answer will come during 200 ms. So, GPS tracker must have timeout value for RS485 communication no less than 200 ms.

Transmiters are shipped paired, both paired transmitters have same serial number. Transmitters with different serial numbers will not work.

Wireless temperature sensor
 Technical data
Supply voltage, V 5-30
Max current consumption, mA 25
Temperature range, °C -40…+85
Interface RS485
Number of transmitters 2
Request timeout, no less than : 200 ms