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Eurosens Dominator 2 All-in-One! For professional use!

Capacitive fuel level sensor with all interfaces onboard, modular design and built-in accelerometer.

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New electronic circuit has all modern interfaces – analog (voltage), frequency and RS485 interface. Analog and frequency interfaces are the same as in Eurosens Dominator AF model, RS485 interface is the same as Eurosens Dominator RS has.

      • High-precision measurement;
      • Serial output interfaces RS-232 & RS-485;
      • Analog output interfaces 0-10V and 200-2000 Hz;
      • Built-in temperature compensation;
      • Modular design;
      • Strong electronic circuit protection;
      • Sealed automobile connector on sensor body;
      • Efficient packaging, installation and sealing.
  • Dominator fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operation cost of fuel consumption monitoring system for its entire operation period. Eurosens Dominator 2 advantages:
      • Powerful electronic module protection. External power voltage protection up to 170 volts.
      • Easy sensor sealing.
      • Modular design allows to cut and extend Dominator for any tank size. Traditional non-modular sensors can’t be replaced once shortened.
      • Modular design makes technical support easy and fast.  Disconnect the “head” and the electrode and localize the problem!
      • Sensor head replacement doesn’t take more than 10 minutes due to  bayonet mount. No need to recalibrate the tank.
      • Dominator electrodes can be easily disassembled and cleaned without warranty violations.
      • Warranty term – 5 years.
      • Maximum number of settings! Various output options for frequency and analog modes. LLS and Modbus protocols supported.
      • Built-in accelerometer.
Power voltage, V 7 – 80
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Max error/resolution ±1%/±0.1%
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Output voltage, V 0,5 – 9,5
Output frequency, H 500 – 1500
Seal rating IP 67
Galvanic isolation up to 500V
Intrinsic safety marking 0ExiaIIBT6
Configuration manual
Configuration software (extended version)
    • For developers : Eurosens Dominator 3D CAD drawings
Eurosens Dominator IGS file
Eurosens Dominator STEP file
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