Eurosens Dominator AF, RS, CAN Mini

Need to fit the sensor into some restricted area? No place between the vehicle’s body and the tank? Minimal sensor enclosure height may play a crucial role in the choice of hardware for fuel monitoring projects.

Mini versions of Eurosens Dominator have absolutely the same features, connectors, wiring, and firmware as the standard ones. The only difference is in the small sensor body height (22 mm) and external connector.

The sensors are cross-compatible by mounting place and cable.

Please refer to Eurosens Dominator AF, Eurosens Dominator RS and Eurosens Dominator CAN pages.

For developers : Eurosens Dominator Mini 3D CAD drawings

Eurosens Dominator Mini dimensions
Eurosens Dominator IGS file
Eurosens Dominator STEP file