Eurosens Dominator BT

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Wireless IOT sensor

Wireless battery-powered fuel level sensor with Bluetooth BLE interface

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Wireless technologies are conquering GPS tracking and fleet management market. Eurosens Dominator is a capacitive Bluetooth fuel level sensor that has a significant advantage over other alternatives available – modular design.

    • High-precision measurement;
    • Bluetooth 4.2 BLE interface;
    • Built-in temperature compensation;
    • Modular design;
    • Long life (5 years);
    • Long range (up to 200 m).

Dominator fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operation cost of fuel consumption monitoring system for its entire operation period. Eurosens Dominator BT advantages:

  • Easy sensor sealing.
  • Modular design allows to cut and extend the sensor for any tank size. Traditional non-modular sensors can’t be replaced once shortened.
  • Modular design makes technical support easy and fast.
  • Sensor head replacement takes less than 10 minutes due to  bayonet mount. No need to recalibrate the tank.
  • Dominator electrodes can be easily disassembled and cleaned .
  • Wireless connection, no cabling required.
Battery life 5 years
Bluetooth version 4.2 BLE
Transmitter mode Advertising
Range of wireless connection (direct sight) 200 meters
Transmission power +8 dBm
Max measurement error 1%
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Protection class IP 67
Advantages of the Eurosens Dominator BT
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Fuel level sensor Dominator BT is used with data loggers and GPS tracking systems with BLE interface support. Compatible with GPS tracking devices :


Fuel storages monitoring could be implemented using our free Eurosens Tank Manager software.

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