Eurosens Difference 02

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For vehicles with leaf spring suspension!

When installing Eurosens Difference 02 is important to assess the deflection of the vehicle suspension, possible attachment points on the frame and suspension vehicle. Preferably use the free holes in the structural elements of the vehicle to mount the sensor elements and the mounting kit. If such openings not, resort to other ways of securing, for example, welding specially made plates and corners.

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    Eurosens Difference 02 converts the angle of rotation of the lever sensor output voltage. As the transducer is used magnetoresistive sensor.At the output of the sensor is formed stabilized analog voltage signal, which corresponds to the angular position of the pivot arm, changing depending on the load on the axle vehicle.
Rotation angle, degrees Output voltage, V
– 40 1,54
– 30 1,78
– 20 2,02
– 10 2,26
0 2,50
10 2,74
20 2,98
30 3,22
40 3,46
  • Eurosens Difference 02 must be installed in accordance with the recommended schemes.
  • After installation and wiring Eurosens Difference 02 should perform a calibration in which you are mapping the output voltage to the load on the suspension of the vehicle.
Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system (and sensors) installation

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