Remote axle load and cargo weight monitoring  are highly demanded features of the GPS tracking systems.

Mechatronics has developed Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system providing the following features:

  • Individual axle load measurement for truck and trailer.
  • Cargo load calculation.
  • Axle overload alarm.
  • Shows axle load and cargo weight at the driver’s display.
  • Transmits axle load and cargo weight values to the GPS tracking system.

The first generation of Eurosens Difference system consisted of sensors with analog output and intermediate controllers Eurosens Difference-T:

Axle load sensors. Can be used as a part of Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system or as standalone units (with GPS tracking system).

Air spring suspension – Eurosens DPS A/RS/CAN Leaf spring suspension – Eurosens DDS A/RS/CAN Universal sensor Eurosens DSS 


Eurosens Difference T (-T2, -T4) is an analog-digital converter used as a part of Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system. Difference T performs the following functions:

  • Receives information from a sensor with an analog output;
  • Processes voltage signal from one load sensor (Difference-T), from 2 sensors (Difference-T2), from 4 sensors (Difference-T4);
  • Stores the parameters;
  • Transmits sensor signal to the digital message in RS485 interface with track or trailer address (dimensions and weight) by LLS or MODBUS protocol;
  • Stores sensor calibration data. Each sensor (analog input) can have up to 3 independent calibration tables.
 Eurosens Display RS may be used as a part of Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system or together with other Eurosens devices. Display RS performs the following functions:

  • Receives the information about axle loads from Difference-T controllers.
  • Determines cargo weight based on the mass-dimensions of the tractor or semitrailer truck.
  • Displays axle load and cargo weight on a special indicator in the driver’s cab.
  • Sends overload alarm.
  • Cargo weight data is sent via RS458 output interface.

New generation of onboard weighing system with smart axle load sensors may have simplier structure without intermediate Difference-T units. Wireless bridge between tractor and trailer could be added.

Eurosens Difference system supports various configurations of lifting axles, pneumatic suspension schemes, and trailers.

Sensor placement and address can be configured with special service software Eurosens Difference configurator.

Eurosens Difference soft&info bundle:
Eurosens Difference installation manual:

More information about Eurosens Difference installation and integration at this link.

What you need to know:

  • The protocol of axle load transfer from Difference-T: LLS. Each sensor has its own address (0-5);
  • If it is not necessary to measure the weight of the cargo (and get overload alarm) – Eurosens Display is not needed;
  • The protocol of cargo weight transfer from Display: LLS (addresses 8-9, tractor and trailer);
  • When changing the semitrailer, the system continues to work if a new semitrailer is also equipped with sensors and Difference-T (with calibration). No reconfigurations are required.

Some GPS trackers support remote connection of Eurosens Difference configurator. So, you can calibrate the onboard weighing system remotely. All you need – the information about real axle loads from the scales. Check more information in this video.

Try Mechatronics free online calculator for truck + trailer axle load at this link.