Using this form, you can create a sensor calibration table file for Eurosens Dominator level sensor based on your tank calibration table. For calculation it is necessary: ​​

1. Create a calibration table in a csv file containing 2 columns – Height and Volume. An example file can be downloaded here.

2. Cut the sensor to the required height and use the Eurosens configurator to measure the value of the sensor detector in the “full” and “empty” states.

To do this, the cutted sensor can be turned over and filled with fuel between the electrodes, filling the gap completely. Record the received value of the Detector. Then drain the fuel and measure the detector value corresponding to the empty tank. Values should be entered in this form.

The calculated table file for the Eurosens Dominator sensor will be sent to your e-mail.

All dimensions are in millimeters! Please note that the actual shape of the tank may differ from the table, have dents and inclinations.