degree The Eurosens Degree angle sensor is designed to determine the position of the object in space relatively to the gravity vector.    There are 2 sensor modifications : Eurosens Degree RS with serial RS485 interface and Eurosens Degree CAN with 29bit CAN bus interface.


Parameter Eurosens Degree RS Eurosens Degree CAN
Supply voltage, V 9 – 32 10-50
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85 -40 – +85
Resolution, degrees 1 1
Measurement error, degrees ±1 ±1
Service interface RS485 CAN
Output interface RS485, discrete output CAN
Measurement range 0…180 , 3 angles 0…180 , 3 angles
Protection class IP67 IP67
Max current consumption, mA (12V) 50 50
Service adapter Eurosens Destination 02  Eurosens Destination CAN


Eurosens Degree flyer
Eurosens Degree RS configuration software
Eurosens Degree RS configuration manual
Eurosens Degree passport