degree The Eurosens Degree angle sensor is designed to determine the position of the object in space relatively to the gravity vector.    There are 2 sensor modifications : Eurosens Degree RS with serial RS485 interface and Eurosens Degree CAN with 29bit CAN bus interface.


Parameter Eurosens Degree RS Eurosens Degree CAN
Supply voltage, V 9 – 32 10-50
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85 -40 – +85
Resolution, degrees 1 1
Measurement error, degrees ±1 ±1
Service interface RS485 CAN
Output interface RS485, discrete output CAN
Measurement range 0…180 , 3 angles 0…180 , 3 angles
Protection class IP67 IP67
Max current consumption, mA (12V) 50 50
Service adapter Eurosens Destination 02  Eurosens Destination CAN


Eurosens Degree flyer
Eurosens Degree RS/CAN configuration software
Eurosens Degree RS/CAN operation manual
Eurosens Degree specification
Eurosens Degree protection cover