Eurosens Dash fuel sensor adapter is used to read the signal from the installed fuel level sensor and transmit it to the vehicle dashboard and fuel alarm lamp. 

Eurosens Dash works via RS 485 interface and uses the widely-spread in fuel monitoring projects LLS protocol.  Thus, Dash is compatible with a variety of fuel gauges via RS-485. The configuration is done using Eurosens Dash configuration software.

Improve the fuel data coming! Install a high-precision Eurosens Dominator RS sensor instead of a resistive float sensor with no drilling done. Eurosens Dash will emulate the signal for you to get more reliable and stable data.

Eurosens Dash Specifications:

  • Supply voltage, V 20 – 32;
  • Temperature range, ° C -40 – +85;
  • Configuration interface: RS-485;
  • Input interface: RS-485 (LLS protocol);
  • Current consumption: 40 mA.


Eurosens Dash Flyer
Eurosens Dash Specification
Eurosens Dash configurator
Eurosens Dash configuration manual