Ultrasonic liquid level sensor Dizzi

Ultrasonic level sensor Eurosens Dizzi is used for non-contact (non-invasive) level measurement of acoustically transparent liquids. Measurement is done by external echolocation through the bottom of the tank.

  • No tank modification required. All sensor components are placed outside the tank. It is very important when you measure aggressive, explosive, liquid foodstuff, as well as highpressurized liquids.
  • You can measure the level of any liquid, including liquefied gas.
  • Smart self-diagnostic algorithm provides stable data.
  • Explosion-proof certified ( 0Ех ia IIC T6 Ga, [Ex ia Ga] IIC )
Power voltage, V 9 – 30
Max. thickness of the tank wall, mm   0 – 5
Resolution, in static condition, mm 0,1
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Output interfaces RS-485
Digital protocols LLS, Modbus
Seal rating IP 67
Eurosens Dizzi passport
Oscilloscope software
Eurosens Dizzi installation manual
Eurosens Dizzi configuration software
Latest firmware and default configuration
Eurosens Dizzi configuration manual
Eurosens Dizzi oscilloscope manual
Eurosens Dizzi utilities pack (v.3.5)
Product manuals are available at DOWNLOAD tab. Check our Youtube channel for more information about How to make sensor settings (video) 

Eurosens Dizzi Flyer
Eurosens Dizzi installation_Brief