Fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator

The precise knowledge of the fuel amount in the tank helps to optimize the time and place of fillings, as well as prevent fuel thefts. Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator provides an accurate measurement of fuel and compatible with most fleet tracking systems and data acquisition hardware and software.

Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensors are designed to operate for many years.  Warranty period is 5 years. Available since 2014 and delivered to 70 countries.
Long service life is ensured by:

• strong protection of electric board (up to 170 V)

• built-in galvanic isolation (up to 500 V)

• Tyco automotive connector without cable outlet (in accordance with automotive standards)

• KGVVAM automobile cables  with or without extra protection in the corrugated channel.

Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator

Why is it profitable to operate the Eurosens Dominator sensors?

The cost of operating a fuel consumption control system consists of:

• purchase price

• maintenance price during the lifetime period, which often implies visits by specialists to verify operation, or to eliminate the consequences of vandalism.

• the cost of reinstalling the fuel consumption monitoring system in other vehicle by the request of the customer.

Eurosens Dominator sensor is easy to remove, install and seal again. It is not necessary to remove  screws and remove the sensor from the fuel tank.

 install2 Bayonet mount allows for easy removal of the sensor from the tank for diagnostic or cleaning purposes.  plombir1
The sensor is easily sealed after installation

The sensor is easy to disassemble:

Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator The modular design provides easy access to the measuring electrodes. Electrodes are interchangeable. Replacing the sensor does not mean the need to re-calibrate the tank. It is enough to use electrodes from the replaced sensor.

You will have no problem reusing sensors. You can always buy new long electrodes to the old electronic module.

The sensor is easy to extend:

 Eurosens Dominator Thanks to the modular design of Eurosens Dominator, you can assemble a sensor with a measuring part length of 6 meters from standard elements. Such a kit is easy to forward, install and service. In addition, the price of a standard solution is significantly lower than non-standard! In the design of the sensor itself there is no cable outlet, in case of vandal or accidental damage of which, it is necessary to replace and repair the entire sensor.

About technical features: Interfaces: RS485 and RS232 (Dominator RS), customizable analog and frequency outputs (Dominator AF), CAN J1939 interface (Dominator CAN). In addition, all sensors have a single-wire K-line interface, which is used to configure, as well as the interaction between the sensors. The Dominator RS and Dominator CAN sensors can also have a discrete “alarm” output for signaling a fuel drain event. They can measure not only fuel but also water. The Dominator RS I version has a built-in display. The FLS Eurosens Dominator 2 also contains a built-in accelerometer (by request) to improve readings on rough terrain.

We take into account all the wishes of customers! Eurosens Dominator is too big?

Here is  Dominator Mini version with 22-mm height version Eurosens Dominator AF, RS mini

External display for sensor also can be used as calibration tool (install sensor without a laptop)

Универсальный индикатор Eurosens Display F1

Eurosens Display F1

Eurosens Display RS

Eurosens Display RS

Gasket for installation on a cylindrical tank? Bottom stop to reduce the load on the mount?

We have it Прокладка под цилиндрический бак Донный упор для ДУТ

Some bonuses:

You can do calibration of large tanks via the web form on our website: horizontal cylinder and tank with elliptical sides

For vessels of complex shape, we offer the service of three-dimensional reconstruction of the model, and the generation of a calibration table for it.

To check calibration tables, a utility for grouping calibration schedules can be useful.

Eurosens Dominator sensors are certified according to the requirements of TP TC 018, have a European certificate E-mark and a certificate of explosion protection according to TP TC 012 with the marking 0ExiaIIBT6 X.

Eurosens Dominator modular sensors are no more expensive than traditional sensors.

We did not save money on wire thickness, plastic quality, electronic circuit protections. So, you can save it – the Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor is cheaper to operate for a long years.

Eurosens Dominator CAN

Eurosens Dominator CAN

Eurosens Dominator RS

Eurosens Dominator RS

Eurosens Dominator AF

Eurosens Dominator AF

Eurosens Dominator Mini

Eurosens Dominator Mini