Fuel level monitoring

The precise knowledge of the fuel amount in the tank helps to optimize the time and place of fillings, as well as prevent fuel thefts.
Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator provides an accurate measurement of fuel and compatible with most fleet tracking systems and data acquisition hardware and software.

During the development of the fuel level sensor Dominator, we set ourselves the task to provide a new level of capabilities. Many well-known fuel level sensors have approximately the same accuracy of measurement, the possible improvements are possible in terms of improving the reliability and stability of measurement, ease of installation and service. The cost to replace the fuel level sensor (including the costs of travelling) often exceeds the cost of the fuel level sensor. We have tried to design Dominator level sensor so that the cost of maintenance over the whole life of the fuel monitoring system was minimal.
We did not save on the thickness of the wires, the quality of plastic, electronic circuit protection, stylish design. We save on another thing – the fuel level sensor Dominator is cheaper during operation and service.

Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor

Eurosens Dominator