Fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator

Capacitive fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator is designed to optimize the time and place of fillings as well as prevent fuel thefts. The sensor provides stable and accurate data and easy maintenance. Eurosens Dominator sensors are compatible with the most fleet tracking systems and data acquisition hardware and software that makes them a universal solution for a fleet management projects. Why Eurosens Dominator?

  • Easy to remove, reinstall and seal again due to bayonet mount;
  • Easy  troubleshooting and maintenance due to the modular design;
  • Easy to extend.
  • Easy to ship
  • CE-certified

Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator Some technical features:

  • Variety of interfaces: RS485 and RS232 (Dominator RS), customizable analog and frequency outputs (Dominator AF), CAN J1939 interface (Dominator CAN), both AF and RS combined (Dominator 2), wireless battery-powered Bluetooth fuel level sensor (Dominator BT).
  • K-line interface used to configure the sensors and ease the interaction between the devices.
  • A discrete “alarm” output to alert about a fuel drain event (for Dominator RS/CAN).
  • Customized versions with a built-in display, accelerometer, or for water measurement.

We care about the wishes of our partners!

Eurosens Dominator AF, RS mini Dominator Mini version with only 22-mm high head is designed to be installed in some restricted areas.
Eurosens Display RS External display for the sensor can be also used as a calibration tool (for sensor installation without a laptop).
Original mounting kit with a special gasket for the installation on a cylindrical tank and a bottom stop to reduce bending force.

Helpful tools to make fuel level sensor calibration simplier!