Eurosens Dominator RS

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Capacitive fuel level sensor with 2 serial RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces, modular design and built-in fuel theft detection

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    • High-precision measurement;
    • Output interfaces RS-232 & RS-485;
    • Built-in temperature compensation;
    • Modular design;
    • Strong electronic circuit protection;
    • Sealed automobile connector on sensor body;
    • Efficient packaging, installation and sealing;
    • Universal LLS/MODBUS protocol support.

Dominator fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operation cost of fuel consumption monitoring system for its entire operation period. Eurosens Dominator RS advantages:

  • Powerful electronic module protection. External power voltage protection up to 170 volts.
  • Easy sensor sealing.
  • Modular design allows to cut and extend Dominator for any tank size.
  • Modular design makes technical support easy and fast.
  • Sensor head replacement doesn’t take more than 10 minutes due to  bayonet mount. No need to recalibrate the tank.
  • Dominator electrodes can be easily disassembled and cleaned without warranty violations.
  • Extra settings for RS232/RS485 interface available, including MODBUS protocol.
  • Warranty term – 5 years.
Power voltage, V 10 – 50
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Max error ±1%
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Output interface RS-232,RS-485, K-Line
Service interface ISO 9141 (K-line)
Seal rating IP 67 (for version Dominator RS-I : IP54)
Configuration manual
Configuration software 
Dominator RS passport

Fuel level sensor Dominator RS is used with data loggers and GPS trackers with serial RS232 or RS485 interface.

Dominator RS Flyer
Installation manual

Dominator RS-I sensor has a built-in LCD display. The following paratemers are displayed:

  • Fuel level (fuel volume);
  • Fuel temperature (approximate), ºС ;
  • Software version.

You can switch between parameters with a help of magnet key, included in Dominator RS-I package.

Dominator RS-I flyer

Sensors can be supplied as Eurosens Dominator sets

Sertificate of  Custom Union Technical Regulations 012/2011 (explosion-proof)
Eurosens Dominator certificate (E-mark)  

For developers : Eurosens Dominator 3D CAD drawings

Eurosens Dominator IGS file
Eurosens Dominator STEP file

Use with:

Eurosens Destination 01_200x200

Eurosens Destination

Dominator Electrode 1&2_200x200

Dominator Electrode

Eurosens Cable

Eurosens Cable

Eurosens T-Cable

Eurosens T-Cable