Eurosens Dominator RS

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    • High-precision measurement;
    • Output interfaces RS-232 & RS-485;
    • Built-in temperature compensation;
    • Modular design;
    • Strong electronic circuit protection;
    • Sealed automobile connector on sensor body;
    • Efficient packaging, installation and sealing;
    • Universal LLS/MODBUS protocol support.

Dominator fuel level sensors are designed to minimize the operation cost of fuel consumption monitoring system for its entire operation period. Eurosens Dominator RS advantages:

  • Powerful electronic module protection. External power voltage protection up to 170 volts.
  • Easy sensor sealing.
  • Modular design allows to cut and extend Dominator for any tank size.
  • Modular design makes technical support easy and fast.
  • Sensor head replacement doesn’t take more than 10 minutes due to  bayonet mount. No need to recalibrate the tank.
  • Dominator electrodes can be easily disassembled and cleaned without warranty violations.
  • Extra settings for RS232/RS485 interface available, including MODBUS protocol.
  • Warranty term – 5 years.
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Power voltage, V 10 – 50
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Max error ±1%
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Output interface RS-232,RS-485, K-Line
Service interface ISO 9141 (K-line)
Seal rating IP 67 (for version Dominator RS-I : IP54)
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Configuration manual
Configuration software 
Dominator RS passport
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Fuel level sensor Dominator RS is used with data loggers and GPS trackers with serial RS232 or RS485 interface.

Dominator RS Flyer
Installation manual

Dominator RS-I sensor has a built-in LCD display. The following paratemers are displayed:

  • Fuel level (fuel volume);
  • Fuel temperature (approximate), ºС ;
  • Software version.

You can switch between parameters with a help of magnet key, included in Dominator RS-I package.

Dominator RS-I flyer

Sensors can be supplied as Eurosens Dominator sets

Sertificate of  Custom Union Technical Regulations 012/2011 (explosion-proof)
Eurosens Dominator certificate (E-mark)  

For developers : Eurosens Dominator 3D CAD drawings

Eurosens Dominator IGS file
Eurosens Dominator STEP file

Use with:

Eurosens Destination 01_200x200

Eurosens Destination

Dominator Electrode 1&2_200x200

Dominator Electrode

Eurosens Cable

Eurosens Cable

Eurosens T-Cable

Eurosens T-Cable