Eurosens Dock converter is a simple device used to improve the fuel level data coming from vehicle level sensor. The problem with analog OEM devices is their high dependence on the onboard voltage. OEM sensor signal falls to 0 after ignition off.

Eurosens Dock makes a rapid correction of vehicle sensor data according to the measured onboard voltage and converts it to a lossless RS485 interface compatible with a variety of GPS trackers.

Now you can get the fuel level data remotely even if the vehicle hasn’t got CANbus! 

Fast and simple installation.
Eurosens Dock Specifications:

  • Supply voltage, V 9 – 15;
  • Temperature range, ° C -40 – +85;
  • Configuration interface: RS-485;
  • Data output interface: RS-485 (LLS protocol);
  • Current consumption: 40 mA.


Eurosens Dock Flyer
Eurosens Dock Specification
Eurosens Dock configurator