From this page you can download useful utilities to simplify the installation and maintenance of Eurosens sensors.

1. Calculation of theoretical values ​​of the detector for fuel level sensors Eurosens Dominator.

The calculator allows you to calculate the value of the empty and full level detector value for Eurosens Dominator level sensor for a given length and model of the sensor. This can be useful in cases:

a) You want to calibrate the sensor before trimming it. For example, installation must be done without Eurosens Destination service kit or laptop.

b) To establish a sensor malfunction or abnormal medium between the electrodes. If the detector value significantly (30-50% or more) differs from the calculated one, this indicates abnormal operation of the sensor (or not suitable medium).

2. A utility for checking calibration tables for a variety of tanks of the same type. This software reads Eurosens Dominator sensor calibration table files and loads them into Excel on a common graph field. Thus, if you have the same type of vehicles, you can compare their calibration tables.

3. Calculation of calibration table for the horizontal cylinder tank. For the calculation, it is necessary to enter the initial data: the diameter of the tank, the length of the tank, the distance between the lower end of the sensor and the bottom of the tank, the values of the sensor detector in the state of “Empty” and “Full”.