eurosens Defender24 is an intrinsically safe barrier designed to protect intrinsically safe power supply circuits and signal circuits of sensors . The barrier is designed for installation in a safety area and limits the voltage and electric current values to intrinsically safe values.

Application of the barrier is performed according to the marking explosion protection, GOST 31610.11-2014 and other regulatory documents regarding the use of electrical equipment located outside the hazardous area and connected by intrinsically safe external circuits to electrical devices installed in hazardous areas.

The barrier implements the type “I” of explosion protection which is “intrinsically safe electrical circuit”. The barrier is certified for the “specially explosion-proof” level “A” of explosion protection and category IIB in accordance with GOST 31610.11-2014 and has the explosion protection marking ExiaIIBT6 X .
The barrier is designed to protect intrinsically safe circuits when exposed to a voltage of up to 29V with mandatory intrinsically safe grounding. The barrier belongs to passive type devices.


Maximum output voltage Uo , V

Maximum output current (short-circiut case) Io, A

Maximum extenal capacitance Co, µF

Maximum external inductance Lo, mH






Important : Nominal external power voltage – 24 V (not 12 V).

Eurosens Defender 24 passport