Eurosens BT-COM is a Bluetooth-RS485 bridge. It reads data from wireless sensors : Eurosens Dominator Bt fuel level sensor, Eurosens Degree Bt tilt angle sensor, bluetooth beacons and sends it to external RS485 interface by LLS or MODBUS RTU protocol. Eurosens Dominator COM supports up to 10 sensors and adding/subtraction operations between them. You can set up the Eurosens Dotpoint with mobile phone using our service Android app.

Power voltage  range, V 10 – 50
Temperature range,°C -40 – +85
Input interface Bluetooth (BLE)
Output interface RS-485
Output protocol LLS, MODBUS RTU
Service interface Bluetooth
Fuel level sensor Eurosens Dominator BT : dataset Температура, относительный уровень, значение частоты 
Eurosens Degree BT (in the tilt angle measurement mode) : dataset X, Y, Z angles, temperature
Eurosens Degree BT (mixer monitoring mode) : dataset Speed and direction of drum rotation, total operation time, temperature
Eurosens Degree BT (boom monitoring mode) : dataset Status of operation (ON/OFF), total operation time, temperature
Wireless tags Ibeacon, AltBeacon Major, Minor, RSSI
Wireless tags Eddystone Major, Minor, RSSI


Eurosens BT-COM flyer
Eurosens BT-COM specification
Configuration manual
Configuration software(Play Market)