DashDrive app


Flexible driver dashboard

You may use any Android device to make highly-customizable driver's dashboard with telematics data


Android application DashDrive performs the following functions:

  • connects to GPS trackers via Bluetooth wireless interface to receive instant telematic data;
  • saves and stores telematic dataset in the local database (DB) of Android device and recalculates data according to the formula;
  • sends the saved telematic data to GPS tracking platform if Internet connection is available;
  • displays telematics data on a virtual dashboard that is flexibly configured.

Thus, Android application DashDrive displays instant sensor values, CAN bus data and other telematic data to the driver, informs in case values exceed the set limits.

In addition, DashDrive can collect telematic data and send it to the server via Wi-Fi connection.

You  can run DashDrive on any  Android-based devices:  smartphones, tablets, DVRs.

DashDrive app is licensed for any new Android device without any future payments.


Dashdrive User Manual
Licence manager app (DIS-DM)
Dashdrive App