Eurosens Cable


Automotive AMP Connectors!

Connecting wiring for level sensors and for flow Eurosens sensors are available different lengths. Harnesses are supplied separately, that extends the benefits of our sensors, because now you have the opportunity to purchase and have in stock harnesses with required length. It simplifies the installation of sensors. Sealed automotive connectors AMP

What you need to know when choosing eurosens cable

1. Cables can be 3, 7, 12 meters long. Other lengths is possible.

2. Number of wires in the cable depends from sensor interface – level and flow sensors with pulse interface have a 3-wire cable, level and flow sensors with CAN and RS interfaces have a 7-wire cable. There is no difference between the cable for the flow sensor and the fuel level sensor.

3. The cables may have connectors from one or both ends. Cables with two connectors are used to extend other cable.

4. Connectors may be male or female.

5. Connectors can have straight or angled connectors. It is selected depending on the convenience of connection in a particular installation location.

6. Cables may have protective corrugated tube. In this case, the cable retains the usual PVC insulation inside the corrugated tube.

7. By combining the cables together, you can increase the total length of the harness