Use Bayonet with all range of Mechatronics fuel level sensors:

Eurosens Dominator RS Eurosens Dominator AF
Eurosens Dominator CAN

Bayonet is a fastening unit consisting of a cylindrical male side with one or more radial pins, and a female receptor with matching slots.

Just turn the sensor slightly to fix the pins so that they enter the flange and the corresponding slots.

Mechatronics bayonet fits the OEM sensor installation place. It is true for both: vehicles manufactured in Russia and imported trucks where we need to follow SAE 5 recommendations. 


Why bayonet mount is more convenient? 

 install2 1) Bayonet mount simplifies the removal of the sensor from the tank for diagnostic or cleaning purposes.  plombir1
2) The sensor is sealed after the installation with little effort.