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Mechatronics provides telematic solutions with focus on remote fuel consumption monitoring, onboard weighing systems and cold-chain  monitoring.



Fuel level monitoring

Precise knowing of the fuel amount in the tank helps to optimize the time and place of fillings, as well as to prevent possible …


Fuel consumption monitoring

Accurate measurement of the fuel consumption in any conditions and fuel theft prevention. Instant fuel consumption information is helpful for the fuel economy …


Onboard weighing

Onboard weighing systems gradually become necessary in transportation industry . You can choose the best cargo placement to avoid fines with onboard display. We offer different axle load sensors for air spring and leaf spring suspensions…


Cold chain monitoring

When it comes to logistics, the cold chain is very important. Cold chain products such as fresh foods, vaccines, and the like are temperature-sensitive, so they require constant temperature starting from the time they are produced until they’re used. We offer wireless solutions…