The universal Eurosens MWS distance sensor is used to measure the distance to an object or product reflecting radio waves.  Eurosens MWS uses microwaves princible and can measure distance through obtacles transparent for electromagnetic waves.

Typical Eurosens MWS application is liquid level measurement.  If tank is made of steel we have to immerse the sensor transmitter into the tank. The Eurosens MWS mount is same with Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensors. We mount sensor using byonette plate.

Eurosens MWS installation into the hole

Buyonette mount installation

For plastic tanks we can use outside mount without drilling the hole. Sensor could be attached using glue.

Installation without drilling a hole on plastic tank

We can use  Eurosens MWS  for level measurement of bulk products.


Power voltage, V 10 – 50
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Error of measurement ±4mm (up to 1 meter distance), +-10mm (up to 2 meters distance)
“Dead zone” near sensor 60 mm
Temperature range, °C -40 – +85
 Output interface RS-485
Putput protocols LLS, Modbus
Protection class IP 67

Sensors supports universal MODBUS and LLS data protocols. Compatible with popular GPS tracking devices with RS485 interface. 

Eurosens MWS flyer
 Eurosens MWS specification
Eurosens MWS manual
Eurosens MWS configurator