Eurosens Detector 01


Delivery terms

Maximum automation!

Applying its vast experience in calibration stand creation, Mechatronics team has created Eurosens Detector 01 that complies with modern requirements and is easy to use and service.

Delivery terms
  • Flow rate setting range: up to 500 l / h;
  • Power supply: 220 V;
  • Simultaneous calibration of 10 one chamber or 5 differential sensors;
  • Automatic flow control.
Verification liquid diesel
Limits of relative error of measurement of volume, % ±0,3
Flow Range, l/h 1-500
Error limits job flow,% ±2
Max pressure, MPa 0,5
Number of simultaneously calibrated sensors, max 10
Connecting thread М14х1,5
Power voltage, V/Gz ~220/50
Dimensions, m, max 1,3х0,7х2,0
Weight, kg, max 100
  • Stationary application;
  • The stand includes an operator’s workstation;
  • Eurosens Detector 01 set with wireless control must be ordered separately.
Calibration Eurosens Direct on Detector 01

Eurosens Direct on Detector 01

Eurosens Detector 01 is used for Eurosens Direct and Eurosens Delta calibration:

Eurosens Direct

Eurosens Delta PN250

Eurosens Delta