A simple and challenging task. You have installed a large number of fuel level sensors. How to quickly check that the tank is calibrated without obvious errors? 


To do this, you can build a calibration table in the form of a graph in the coordinates of the sensor signal – volume. For example, in Excel. A rectangular tank will look like a straight line with small curves at the ends, a horizontal cylinder will give a smooth curve. In any case, the graph should not have sharp breaks, the graph should be monotonically increasing. With a large number of objects, building every single chart in Excel is tedious.


Therefore, we created a simple program that reads the files of the calibration tables of the Eurosens Dominator sensors and loads them into Excel on the general graph field. Thus, if you have the same type of vehicles, you can compare their calibration tables.

You can download the software here.

After starting the program, you must select files with the * .sav extension. At the same time, you can open several hundred files, we tested immediately 500 pieces. Next, Excel opens with the constructed graphs:


tank calibration verification


It can be seen that in the loaded group of files, 4 different forms of fuel tanks are clearly distinguished, while it is possible to make comparisons between the sensors of the same group.Examples of defects: