Deaerator device specially designed by our team to use together with Direct and Delta flow meters because air bubbles in fuel line affect to fuel measurement results. Deaerator 250 and Deaerator 500 can be used to remove an air from the return line of the fuel system.

  • No fuel leakage to environment
  • Vibration-proof
  • Tilted installation is possible
  • Small sizes and weight
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal hydraulic resistance
  • Immunity to contamination
  • Wide range of applications
Connection thread М14х1,5
Max pressure, MPa 2,5
Temperature range,°C -50 – +85
Weight, kg, no more than 1,5
Max fuel rate, liters/hour 250 – for Deaerator 250A
500 – for Deaerator 500A
Protection class IP 66
Deaerator  250/500 passport
Deaerator  flyer