Eurosens Deaerator

Deaerator is a special device designed by Mechatronics. Eurosens Deaerator is used together with differential flowmeters to exclude air bubbles from the return fuel line. The presence of air in a fuel line affects fuel measurement results significantly. 

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  • No polluting emissions;
  • Vibration resistance;
  • Stable functioning even under some angle;
  • Compact size and weight;
  • Easy installation;
  • Minimal hydraulic resistance;
  • Insensitive to fuel system contamination;
  • Wide range of applications.

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Connection thread М14х1,5
Max pressure, MPa 2,5
Temperature range,°C -50 – +85
Weight, kg, no more than 1,5
Max fuel rate, liters/hour 250 – for Deaerator 250A
  500 – for Deaerator 500A
Protection class IP 66

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Deaerator  250/500 passport

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Deaerator  flyer